Approach hundreds of live online courses via 1 platform. So you satisfy employees' needs 10x faster
StudyDive gathers over 115 live online educational providers. Unlike pure online courses, these guarantee higher completion rates
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What makes StudyDive different ?
Daily Updated Catalog
StudyDive gives access to live online courses and trainings of over 115 educational providers in the USA and abroad. We update the information every day. See no provider or trainer on a platform? We approach them asap by your request
Employees` Unique Access
We easily integrate with your processes by forming unique department links. Share them with employees and let them book courses of their choice. Live online classes and our support demonstrate higher completion rates than pure online education
L&D Administrative Account
Manage department links, approve employees' requests, monitor attendance and employees' progress toward their goals and download reports as a system administrator. Studydive as a single point of entry reduces chores of negotiations with edu providers and paperwork up to 90%
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