StudyDive iDP is a software for individual development planning. Forget about tons of separate Excel sheets
Create IDPs with learning goals and monitor your employees' performance. Smart nudging system takes care of IDPs implementation
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What's so cool about StudyDive IDPs?
It's about IDPs. Only.
Stuck with implementing your difficult-to-understand LMS? IDP is a feature hidden somewhere in premium plans only or even totally absent? Sounds familiar? We concentrated our efforts on IDPs only. That's it. Only IDPs. Without complications.
All IDPs in one place
Usually IDPs dwell in Excel-sheets. We moved them to user-friendly and visually appealing software. From now on, HR-managers can easily monitor their employees' progress on development plans.
Development plan execution via "smart nudging"
People write IDPs but don`t execute them? It happens more than often. Excel-sheet gets lost. Circumstances changed. Simply forgotten. With StudyDive IDP each employee gets "smart nudges" on execution of own development plan.
Any IDP is better than no IDP
Can you survive without development plans? Surely you can. Still it would be a "rat-race". Want to get out of the deadlock? Finally write that #$!#! IPD. And we will help to measure the progress.
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P.S. Got questions left?
Ready to answer:
What is IDP?
Individual development plan, or IDP, is a document created by the employee, where he or she plans personal development activities for half a year or 1 year time period. Usually, this plan is discussed with direct supervisor and HR manager to coordinate employee's and company's goals. After the time period employee, supervisor and HR manager gather to assess achieved results. And create the new plan.

    What should I write in IDPs?
    IDP's content can vary greatly. Some employees focus on their zones of development, while others - on leveraging their strenghts. Some focus on achieving short-term goals, others - on long-term perspective. It is crucial that employees feel ownership about their IDPs. It is considered a bad sign, if an employee writes in IDP "what his or her boss wants to hear".
      Can we skip writing IDPs?
      Sure you can. However wouldn`t you agree that it is easier to get to the downtown of London if you have a map or GPS rather than nothing? You are considerably decreasing your chances of getting lost.
      We are constantly writing IDPs, but employees do not execute them? Can you help us?
      Developing plans, making new year resolutions etc - is a popular activity of human beings. Keeping in mind that employees are human beings as well, we developed a system of smart nudges, which keeps each employee in appropriate development pace!
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